Mission Statement of The Tao of Holistic Living

The Tao of Holistic Living is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist individuals and societies to understand the deep connection between body, mind and spirit on one level and heaven, earth and man on another level, and how both profoundly affect their overall health and sense of well-being; to encourage individuals and societies alike to live in concert and in harmony with the the unity of all existence, mindful and respectful of the inter-relationships of all phenomena, and to apply this balanced view of life to their way of living and thereby achieve a spiritual state free of external or internal conditioning, behavioral uniformity, and selfish individuality, in which they will experience loving, healthful and meaningful lives, at peace with the world and themselves. 


It is the vision of the Tao of Holistic Living that people and societies alike one day come to understand and appreciate the holistic nature of life and all phenomena, and, as a result, naturally come to transform their lives in accordance with this principle of living; that by doing so, people and societies alike will find the 'Way' [The Tao] to living meaningful lives--one with the real nature and the essential unity of all being, and where the patterns, vibrations and language of one’s internal world matches and is harmony with the patterns, vibrations and language of the universe.

Objectives of The Tao Of Holistic Living

  1. To establish healing centers whereby people suffering from imbalances in their body, mind or spirit, resulting in illness and disease, can find an appropriate and natural treatment to redress or heal the imbalance. This can be done by bringing people together of like mind and experience and using such healing techniques as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi Qi Gong, Spiritual and Energetic Healing, Fasting, Diet and Nutrition, Meditation and Massage.
  2. To educate people about the holistic nature of living and to help them to find the 'Way' to living holistically—by raising their awareness, making them mindful of the inherent unity of all phenomena, and getting them to integrate all aspects of their existence into a unified whole.
  3. To provide assistance to areas of the world suffering from natural calamities, war, hunger and health care crisis.
  4. To cultivate a loving example and a spiritual environment whereby all live and work for the common good—for the good of all of humanity, for the good of the environment, and for the good of the universe, regardless of race, creed, religion, ethnic or cultural background..
  5. To get people and nations alike to live in harmony with their environments by fostering a culture of unity whereby the patterns, rhythms, vibrations and language of the internal worlds match and are in harmony with the patterns, rhythms, vibrations and language of the outer world.
  6. To get people to live naturally, in tune and in harmony with themselves, the seasons and the environment, without artificial values and or artificial [man-made] lifestyles.
  7. To get people to breathe naturally, at one with their body, mind, Qi, and spirit.
  8. To help people to understand the truth behind all appearances, be it manifest or unmanifest, and to support them to live their lives in accordance with this underlying reality of unity.