The Stroud Films

This website provides a medium for the talks and Qigong workshops Lama Nicholas gave when he visited Stroud in 2017 and 2018

This short film  gives an impression of Lama Nicholas and his life in the mountains of the East that were his home for so many years. It also contains excerpts from his teaching, introducing some of his main principles elucidated in the other films.

Filmed and edited by David Friese-Greene


Born in America, Lama Nicholas Packard has spent over 30 years in the East, mainly in India, China, Thailand and more recently Bhutan - pursuing his unique life path. He may be the only westerner to have been given the title of Master by the Chinese and Lama (spiritual teacher) by the Bhutanese. For ten years, he lived in the Himalayas of India, undergoing his own deep spiritual transformation, and from there was led to the mountains of China where he was trained by many grand masters in the philosophy and practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. In China he also pursued rigorous training in traditional Chinese medicine and its principles of holistic healing and for many years served as a professor of Chinese philosophy. He believes that the Chinese discovery of Chi, and the universal principles of Yin and Yang, have been perhaps the greatest single contribution the Chinese have made to civilisation. An extraordinary healer in the Tibetan Tantric tradition, he has helped countless sick people all over the world, using numerology and Chinese acupressure and his own mysterious healing powers. He’s recently returned to the West to heal, teach qigong, and to give talks on holism, the new paradigm and how to discover our purpose in life. His brilliant book Riding the Dark Horse and the Fall of Man (Balboa 2017) analyses what has gone wrong in modern western society that we have lost our connection to nature and to spiritual reality and fallen prey to a world defined by consumerism, greed and artificiality.


This website and films, with the exception of two qigong items were produced by David Friese-Greene. However none of this would have happened without the inspiration, love and commitment of Lucy Lidell, who also wrote the website text.

On behalf of us all I want to thank Lucy and of course Lama Nicholas.

davidfg  - March 2018