In this series of talks, Lama Nicholas explores what it means to live life holistically in terms of balance, oneness and order. He explains the basic principles of holism and unity and contrasts this with the western version of separation and division. Through his talks you will come to understand life and health as an inter-connected system which must be constantly adapted to and changed relative to space and time and your individual constitution and circumstances.

This first film is a brief introduction to Lama Nicholas's talks, including participant interviews.

The Way of Harmony and Balance (part 1)

In this talk, Lama Nicholas looks at health and wellness through the principle of balance and harmony. He discusses how this balance comes about by aligning oneself with nature, not in opposition to it, by adapting to the universal laws of the Tao. He compares this perspective with another imbalanced version of reality as seen through duality, opposition, competition, artificiality, separation and absolutism.

The Way of Harmony and Balance (part 2)

The Way of Oneness

In this talk, Lama Nicholas looks at health and wellness through the principle of oneness and how this oneness comes about by becoming one with nature. He compares the Western way of pursuing an absolute truth and reality by separating man from nature and mind from body, with the holistic way of uniting man with nature and seeing things in terms of relativity by integrating mind, body and spirit with nature, with one’s intrinsic nature and the Tao.

The Way of Order

In this talk, Lama Nicholas looks at health and wellness through order and holism and discusses how both are explained through the origins of the I Ching. He explains how this order and unity are maintained by the principles of Qi, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and the Eight Directions as interpreted in Feng Shui. He also discusses how our health and wellness are inextricably linked to the Feng Shui of our home, geography, individual constitution, and space and time.

Fundamentals of Feng Shui

In this talk, Lama Nicholas looks at health and wellness in a practical way by introducing some basic principles of Tai Chi and Qigong. By elucidating the principles of Qi, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements through various Tai Chi and Qigong exercises, you can come to understand how to find order, balance and harmony in your life, thereby achieving oneness with your environment, your body, your mind, your spirit - and oneness with the Tao.

Inner Feng Shui of Self (part 1) - Stroud 18th May 2017

Inner Feng Shui of Self (part 2) - Stroud 22nd May 2017

Inner Feng Shui of Self (part 3) - Stroud July 2017

These three talks are part of Lama Nicholas’ Wisdom Series, intended to give people an understanding of the spirit world and teach why we are here. He explores who we are using numerology, analysing birthday numbers and what they mean in terms of fulfilling our spiritual mission. He also discusses “what’s in a name”, looking at the numbers that correspond to the letters of our names and suggests how we can make changes to invite other aspects of life in. Finally he looks at the Chinese animal of our birth year and analyses our element and direction number.

Unity of Consciousness - Morning Session - Hawkwood, Stroud 18.12.2017 

Unity of Consciousness - Afternoon Session - Hawkwood, Stroud 18.12.2017